Elfie the Selfie

Elfie loves selfies! It is summer vacation and Elfie, Santa, and Mrs. Claus are traveling to Hawaii by sleigh! They plan on seeing every island before they return to the North Pole. There are so many fun things to do in Hawaii with his uncle Santa Claus and his aunt Mrs. Claus but Elfie can't have fun unless he posts it on social media. Santa and Mrs. Claus are all over the internet with no privacy because Elfie keeps posting. Little children want to make their Christmas wishes early when they see Santa beachside. The Claus family just wants to enjoy their vacation in private. Santa can't say no to the adoring little children, so his vacation is cut short. Elfie learns the value of privacy and being in the moment while enjoying his trip. He also discovers the beautiful animals and scenery of Hawaii instead of staring at his phone. He has the opportunity to rescue a little bird, surf, and eat Hawaiian shave ice. Each Hawaiian island imparts a little bit of magic into Elfie's world that allows him to embrace the balance of being social and being present. He also sees how to be responsible when posting - some moments are meant to live offline.
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The characters in Leon’s day series celebrate the spirit of giving all year long by helping others on June 25th, the halfway point to the Christmas holiday season. Enjoy these enchanting tales of North Pole residents (Santa, elves, reindeer, and more...) on summer vacation. You can count on them to be helping their animal friends and learning about each other during their work and school holidays!

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