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Holidays hold a special place in all of our lives. Every culture shares traditions, memories and hope for the future encapsulated in celebration and celebratory events. 

We take the time out of our busy lives to reunite with friends, family and neighbors communicating our values and reaffirming our beliefs. 

As the world gets smaller the spotlight on global celebrations gets brighter. 

We appreciate the joy of being part of this diverse world experience without appropriation as we build a bond of community understanding. We’re more alike than different. 

Let’s celebrate together.

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About Us

Welcome to the Joy Holiday Family! Where we're streaming holiday happiness 365 days a year!

About the Author 

Nicole Natale has the heart of an artist and the mind of a scientist. She is a musician and a wife and mother with a love of children’s literature. She also loves animals and will often work them into a story just so they can be the heroes. 

Some people collect memorabilia, some collect friends, still others collect experiences. Natale collects ideas and turns them into creations. 

A prolific writer, producer and visual artist, Natale is the creator of more than 28 individual pieces of work: from documentary films, to books for adults and children to Facebook groups set up to advance ideas about family, holidays, travel and food. 

It has long been a dream of hers to teach children through magical stories that can inspire, delight and educate the reader so that they find as much joy in them as she has had to create them.

About Us